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mini-map ;(

So.. I been playing to the point of having a level 23 Warlock (Pandelion) on Hyjal. My highest character so far. After having multiple characters (12) on around 7 servers, it takes quite a while to get somewhere. I ended up abandoning all my characters, save one, and now I'm getting somewhere.

Problem: I have no mini-map in dungeons or towns, it's transparent. That means it's super annoying, trying to find your corpse in a dungeon, with all the winding tunnels. Or, having to navigate through a town (like stormwind) looking for a certain person and only having the gold dots on your map if you're in the right building.

Has anyone had to deal with this issue? My laptop is above the system requirements by a decent amount. I sent two of those "help tickets" to Blizzard and they've been no help to me...
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