~~Fallen Angel~~ (oofallnangeloo) wrote in kalimdor,
~~Fallen Angel~~


Just joined and wanted to say hi

I was once an Everquest player for about 2 years and did the heavy raiding thing until it felt more like a job than fun. We raided 5 nights a week...bleh.

So at work (I worked at a Gamestop as Asst. Manager) I was tempted by WoW. I bought it brought it home and loaded it. I played and had fun once again. It was great to have fun again.

I have a level 60 Tauren Hunter named Sekt on Kadgar, and started a troll Shaman named Mariposa on Spirestone.

Most people are amazed that I am a girl that loves mmorpg's but I know we are out there =P
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