Dave (belushi81x) wrote in kalimdor,

Since the last few non-me posts in the community were from girl-gamerz... I thought I'd share this little snippit with you all...

This is from my personal LJ, slighly edited because not a lot of people who read my LJ are warcrafterz, and non of you know my family member's names...

This happened on Tereanas (server) with My Male Orc Shami and My sister-in-law's Female unded Lok

The other day I was grouping with My Wife's Sister... and we were doing an SFK run... I was Mid-to-high 30's and she was 24 (I think), so I was basically leading her (and some others) through... then, about halfway through, we added another guy to the group who was a 29 mage... he asked if my sister-in-law was a girl in real life because he wanted to know if he'd be rescuing her all the time... she quickly told him that she was "a dude" IRL, and just liked sexy unded zombie type chicks.

Good call on her part, I think.
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