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Obsidian Edged Blade!!!

So the other night my guild on the Staghelm server was in MC, and we killed Garr. And being that I (Mystickah) am one of 2 DPS warriors (our definition of DPS is absolutely no points in Protection), I got it! Each of our classes has their own channel, so for the past few weeks in warrior chat, everyone has been joking about ninja'ing the blade from me, because all I had was Jeklik's Crusher.

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And this screenshot was taken last night in MC, I'm on the left and our other DPS warrior Sylviana is on the right with her Zin'Rokh. And you can see I got my crusader enchant. Sylviana makes her and myself Savory Deviate Delight so we can look like rogues, since we act like them on raids.

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I just wanted to show just how tall the night elves are compared to my short female human self.

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